Mane with Hair Extensions

Mane with Hair Extensions

For those who don’t possess long, healthy locks, hair extensions are the ideal way to obtain naturally stunning tresses. Hair that is short, thinning or finely textured can be transformed into a voluminous mane that boosts your attractiveness and confidence. The time it takes to apply hair extensions depends on the application method chosen. Typically, those processes that require more time, including the track and sew or fusion method, tend to produce a more authentic look that lasts longer and requires less upkeep.

The type of hair used and the extension process are two important factors that greatly affect cost. Salon customers that prefer authentic locks over artificial curls can expect to pay more for their Eden hair extensions. Many clients don’t mind the additional charge for natural hair because the color can be safely altered if necessary. This advantage allows darker hair to be transformed to a healthy shade of blonde without causing unwanted damage or breakage. For those on a tight budget, synthetic hair extensions are less expensive. While they can’t be colored, they still look great and many types of artificial hair can be safely styled with a curling iron or hot brush.

When comparing the different types of hair extensions available, it’s important to consider the time required for both application and maintenance. The keratin bond and cold fusion methods both require several hours to apply. Although they look great, these types of hair extensions might not be the best choice for customers who have a busy or hectic work schedule. Extensions that are braided or taped in generally require less time in the salon chair and are moderately priced.

Clip in hair extensions

Customers that are short on time may want to consider extensions that are glued or clipped to the existing hair. Clip-ins can be conveniently applied at home while a stylist can attach glue-in extensions in an hour or two. The downside to using glue-in extensions is that they must be reapplied after every shampoo.

Hair extensions are a blessing to those with thin, damaged or aging hair. Before investing in this appearance enhancing procedure, it’s a good idea to compare the application time, cost and maintenance required. This will ensure you select the method that is best for your hair routine, schedule and budget.

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